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Ballarat Zombie Day

For those of you with a love for dead things, you’ll probably want to head along to the Ballarat Zombie Day later this month.

When: 23 November at 10:00 until 24 November at 00:00
Where: PO Box 1013, Daylesford, Victoria 3460 is proud to present Ballarat Zombie Day, a day celebrating our favourite genre with their host venues Guf, Heroes HQ and The Tangled Maze.

Here are just some of the attractions:
* Kid’s Zombie Make-up (Cheap zombie scabs, scars, bites and wounds for kids of all ages)
* Zombie Props by Gore FX (Severed heads, lost limbs, bottled babies – can your stomach stand the GoreFX stall?)
* Zombie Steve’s Merch Stall
* Dead Rising 3 Launch Demos
* Left for Dead Gamer’s Comp
* Mister Bones’ Zombie Portraits (Talented zombie cartoon portraiturist Chris Bones will draw YOU AS A ZOMBIE!)
* The Walking Dead Zombie Photo Ops
* Zombie Antiquities by Nightshade FX (Gorgeous gothic hand-crafted artefacts and antiquities from the macabre minds at NightShade FX)
* Labyrinth Outbreak at the Tangled Maze (an unscripted open-air event in which survivors must navigate a hedge maze from start to finish at night, without getting attacked by zombies!)

TICKETS: Adults $20; children under 18 years $10

For more information, visit here. is Australia’s #1 leading supplier of zombies, zombie-themed entertainment packages, film casting, promo stunts and sfx make-up services. has has been invited to appear in campaigns for AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’; IRL Shooter’s ‘Patient Zero’; BMW; Kryolan; Warner Bros; National Geographic; Hopscotch Entertainment; Nike and box office hits ‘Warm Bodies’ and ‘World War Z.’ prides itself on being a leader in the undead entertainment industry with a dedicated team of artists and performers, highly-realistic sfx make-up and costuming, and a masterful knowledge of the zombie genre.

New horror from an Aussie company…

SNAFU: An Anthology of Military Horror

Read some of the biggest names in the business in an anthology of original military horror novellas and short stories.

Time travel, bioweapons unleashed, mutations, ancient species unearthed in lost caverns deep within the earth…
and the soldiers who fight them.


When the going gets tough, the tough fight to the death in SNAFU.
(SNAFU – military slang for ‘Situation Normal – All F*cked Up)


Some contributors:
– James A Moore (A Jonathan Crowley story)
– Greig Beck (A new novella by the author of the Alex Hunter series)
– Weston Ochse (Author of Seal Team 666)
– Jonathan Maberry (A Joe Ledger tale)
– Joseph Nassise (A Templar novella)

Available in ebook, paperback, and hardcover.

Preorder for a range of great benefits.

  • Be one of the first to read this action-packed anthology
  • Limited edition cover art for pre-release sales only
  • Unique signed/limited edition hardcovers – deluxe and ultra
  • Free worldwide postage for print books


Zombie Film – Cannon Fodder

Check out the new zombie film screening in Melbourne Saturday November 9 at the Classic Cinemas, 9 Gordon Street Elsternwick.
CANNON FODDER — Saturday 9 November 2013 DJ from 9:30pm, Screening at 11pm.
There is a new conflict in the Middle East.
Welcome to a night of cinematic gore, tunes and live zombie from More than 150 litres of fake blood was used to make Cannon Fodder — Israel’s answer to 28 Days Later helmed by director and champion of Israeli indie cinema Eitan Gafny.
Our DJ will play music to wake the dead before the film. Cheap beer.
Giveaways from Razordolls Salon and Zombie Burger Bar.
Film & event 18+ only.


Author – Kylie Chan (urban fantasy/horror)

Journey to Self-Reliance

“That’s my excuse for everything – I’m old, don’t mind me,” says Kylie Chan, internationally published novelist and self-confessed computer geek.

Chan228It seems an unlikely self-description for the successful author of two trilogies set around ancient gods living in modern Hong Kong, but Kylie is a normal mum who spends most of her time in front of a computer when she isn’t driving her family or friends around.

She describes her fiction as ‘…about an Australian woman who falls for a Chinese god who’s living in today’s Hong Kong. It has gods, demons, martial arts, a Love That Can Never Be, violence, sex, all that good stuff.’

Kylie defines success as ‘…making enough income to support my family. Since leaving my ex and returning to Australia, it’s been something of a struggle…’

At times, the single mother has had to take two jobs to get by, but Kylie is now beginning to earn enough to live solely on the income from her writing.

“It’s been tough,” she said. “Three times in my forty-odd years I’ve had to give away all my possessions and move to a completely new location where I had no family or friends to support me. The first time I did this was with a six-week-old baby.”

She married a Hong Kong national in a traditional Chinese ceremony and spent 10 years living in Hong Kong running a successful IT business before moving back to Brisbane with her two children.white-tiger

Relocating to Brisbane after life overseas was hard, but Kylie said “everybody in Hong Kong lives on top of each other… towards the end of my time there, I was suffering so badly from the pollution that I had to use steroid eye drops so that I could see.”

“It’s been a long road,” she said, “but I’ve learnt a tremendous amount about different cultures and learnt to be confident and self-reliant.”

Kylie values self-reliance in her own life. “I just do my best to care for my family without looking up to anybody,” she said.

When asked who inspired her, Kylie replied, “I’m less about idolizing the exploits of others and much more about doing what needs to be done in my life right now.”

Most important to her are her children and her writing – in that order. She said, “[i]t’s hard as a mum not to make the kids a priority – I say yes to many things when I should really say no!”

heaven-to-wudang-journey-to-wudang-bk-3Her readers are nearly as important as her family. “I owe a duty to the fans who’ve bought my books to provide them with a great story that’s worth the money they spend on it. [Writing and family] are my life, really,” she said.

Kylie is happy with the way her life has unfolded. Focus and purpose have led to a successful writing career.

“I wouldn’t swap a day of any of it for a more comfortable existence,” she said.

Published under Harper Collins’ Voyager imprint in the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia, the Dark Heavens and Journey to Wudang trilogies are available in all good bookstores.

For more information visit


Zombie Hire (Yes, ZOMBIE HIRE) is Australia’s #1 leading supplier of zombies, zombie-themed entertainment packages, film casting, choreography, promotional stunts and sfx make-up services.

Since the inception of the agency in 2010, zombies have been invited to appear in launch campaigns for AMC’s smash-hit television series ‘The Walking Dead’; IRL Shooter’s real life video game ‘Patient Zero’; the Australian launch of BMW’s new Mini Roadster & Coupe; SFX make-up promotions for cosmetics giant Kryolan; and public in-store appearances and fundraising for the biggest event on the zombie calendar, the Melbourne Zombie Shuffle. is very proud of its working partnerships and cross-promotions with some of Australia’s finest zombie associations, businesses, festivals, organisations and host venues: The Melbourne Zombie Shuffle, The Australian Zombie Awareness Association (TAZAA), Mr & Miss Voodoo Zombie Pageant, OzHorrorCon, Kryolan Australia, The Australian Retailers Association, Strike Bowling Bar, The Astor Theatre, Equal Love Rally, Shepparton Word & Mouth Festival, and Hamilton Show Us Your Toys Festival. prides itself on being a leader in the undead entertainment industry with a dedicated team of artists and performers, highly-realistic SFX make-up and costuming, and a masterful knowledge of the broad zombie genre, encompassing film, television, literature and video games. We’re not stingy with the blood either…

With a variety of traffic-stopping zombie-themed entertainment packages ranging from basic zombie hire, right through to in-house SFX make-up services, zombie-o-grams, zombie weddings, publicity stunts, charity appearances and film/TV performances, the live interactive survival horror experience ‘Labyrinth Outbreak’ and the Melbourne Zombie Convention, delivers a jaw-dropping spectacle that is guaranteed to delight and disgust in equal measure.

To stay abreast of the latest appearances and events, join the horde on Facebook and Twitter.



TWITTER: @ZombieHire

Halloween at the Haunted Chalet

Halloween at the Haunted Chalet

For a party that’s out of this world!

Amidst the shadows of Wattle Park, lays a little known haunted Chalet.

Built in the 1920’s the Wattle Park Chalet has had a well-kept secret.
Previous owners of the Chalet have been reluctant to open on Halloween for fear of wakening the previously inhabited, disembodied spirits of the deceased who may have been former residents or were familiar with the property.
Some say that the gardens hold the truth as to whom or what has been buried there.
Enter if you dare, the haunted chalet will greet you with an orgy of feasting zombified and dismembered spirits longing for your BRAINS!


Head into the gardens for even more frights and delights as you navigate your way through the now visible graveyard, you can feast on your own or chose to enjoy the free BBQ.

The BAR will be fully stocked at reasonable prices!
Head back inside for an evening of dead and undead entertainment!

Doors Open – 9pm till 2am

Free BBQ from 10pm in the Graveyard
FREE Haunted House attraction (By Gore FX)
Free SPFX Makeup ( By Ollie Savage Makeup)
Free Body Art
Roaming Zombies by (
Roaming Horror characters (OZ Horror Con)

Guest Host and MC: S K Y E M E D U S A 
(Melbourne’s very own Goth Goddess)

Trash doll Dancers
Jesyka Rose & Kc Kynk

Gorelesque – Miss Nic

Master Illusionist all the way from Indonesia!
Never before seen in Australia!


DJ Nathan Op De Coul 
DJ Severina 
DJ Xerstorkitte 
DJ Silhouette D’Amour 
G R A V E Y A R D R O C K S T A R S!

Miss and Mr Halloween competition
Loads of giveaways
2 x $500 Prizes for BEST dressed!

Dress to impress!

This is an over 18′s event!
For more details :