SQ Magazine

COVER SQ Mag Issue 9 smallSQ Mag is an international speculative fiction ezine, which publishes the best of its fiction in an annual print and ebook anthology. They currently publish fiction on a two-monthly basis: 1st of January, March, May, July, September, and November each year. They strive to present the highest standard in horror, fantasy and science fiction.
They are also committed to:

• Publishing exclusively original speculative fiction
• Publishing in each edition all genres of speculative fiction
• Publishing in each edition new writers
• Publishing periodic theme editions
• Publishing each story in the idiom of the English language it was submitted in.

The ezine is a token paying market with the intention to grow to semi-pro/pro. Its current business model is to make the zine available for free to readers (online, and mailout of PRC and EPUB formats), with income sourced from donations, merchandizing, advertising, and profits from the annual anthology.
SQ Mag has had great success, given its new kid on the block status—it has moved to Token payment in little over a year, it has had a special Women in Speculative Fiction edition that has attracted acclaim, and it has published work by leading speculative fiction writers: Jay Lake, Cat Rambo, Gary McMahon, John Claude Smith, Tonia Brown, Daniel I Russell, Cat Sparks, Daniel Pearlman, Emma Newman, and many more.
SQ Mag has a strong association with Australia—the Managing Publisher, Editor-In-Chief, and one of the two regular book reviewers, are all Australian. It is no coincidence that quality Australian fiction has been published in the zine, and it is SQ Mag’s intention to continue this relationship.

SQ Mag can be found at: http://www.sqmag.com
Facebook: SQ Mag
Twitter: SQ_Mag
Editor: Sophie Yorkston
Signing up for its Newsletter will enable receipt of each edition of the zine in ebook format.


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