DECAY Magazine

DECAY 16 coverDECAY is Australia’s leading horror anthology comic-book/magazine, for Mature readers. Each issue contains a collection of short one-off stories covering the A to Z of horror. So far 16 issues of DECAY have been published in three and a half years, since issue #1 was launched in March 2010.


DECAY Magazine is a showcase of the incredible talent Australia has to offer, giving creators a place to show off their wares. No other publication offers such diversity and creativity, with such high production standards. There have been over 100 creators contributing so far, from every corner of Australia (all listed on the “Creators” page of the DARK OZ website), plus a few international guests too.

DECAY is a superb mix of horror stories. Some issues have themes running throughout, such as: “Christmas”, “Cthulhu”, and the “End of the World”. Issue #17 will be an “Ozploitation” issue and #18 will be a “Retro Sci-Fi” special (the first PG rated issue of DECAY). Issues 17 & 18 will be launched over two BIG weekends of Oz Comic-Con at Perth and Adelaide in March/April 2014.

DECAY artist Dave Follett won the 2012 Stanley Award for Australia’s best ‘comic book artist’ for his work in DECAY: a short 2-page story titled “Strange Appetite” which ran in issue #9. Written by DECAY creator Darren Koziol, Dave interpreted the story in his own unique way and highly deserved the award.

Many of Australia’s top creators have worked for DECAY. But DECAY also gives new talent a place to get their work published. DECAY has DARK OZ cover logoalways been a mix of professional and independent underground talent. Originally an all B&W title, it now contains 40% colour in 52 pages per issue, published at the large A4 magazine format.

DARK OZ is the publishing name behind DECAY. DARK OZ has produced a number of other comics but DECAY is its flagship title.

DARK OZ is always looking for more talented writers and artists to contribute to future issues.

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