Horror Camp

Oz Horror Con:
Established in 2012, we organise and promote Horror-themed events and aim to bring disparate members of the horror community together.
We have recently published The Book of The Tribes, a coffee-table book as tribute to Clive Barker and the movie Nightbreed, and will be publishing An Australian Horror Story next year.


Our first event was in October 2012 followed by a larger event in January 2013. In August 2013, Director Russell Cherrington flew in from the UK to screen The Cabal Cut- the only screening in the Southern Hemisphere! Our next planned event is Oz Horror Camp in 2014!


So far we have hosted speakers from the Australian Horror Writers Association, The Australian Paranormal Society, many independent horror writers, artists, SFX gurus, and top guns from the Oz Horror Movie scene- Aaron Sterns, Writer of Wolf Creek 2, actors Leslie Simpson (Dog Soldiers, The Descent), and Shane Briant (Picture of Dorian Gray, Frankenstein & The Monster from Hell) and Mark Hartley, Director of Patrick the Movie remake, who interviewed Scream Queen PJ Soles (Carrie, Halloween)

More info from SteveDillon@OzHorrorCon.com or www.OzHorrorCon.com or Facebook: www.facebook.com/OzFearFest


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