Aradale Asylum Haunted Retreat

Aradale Asylum Haunted Retreat

NOTE: Non-creatives can attend, and can just explore and ghost-hunt the whole time.

The Australian Paranormal Society will be there, running paranormal investigations the entire weekend.
Do you have the courage to walk the haunted halls, at night, by yourself?

Once we are there, the gates are locked each night… there is no escape.

* * *
cropped-aradale_ghost_tour.jpgWriters, editors, publishers, artists, photographers, designers, creative types, and paranormal investigators will spend a weekend in southern Australia, tucked away in a large, historical, abandoned asylum that is very haunted, hosted by Geoff Brown and Cohesion Editing and Proofreading. They’ll be blogging and creating based on inspiration from their experiences.

The weekend will be full of writing, creating, exploring, and paranormal investigations.

Also, there will be writing workshops run by the fabulous Kaaron Warren, multi-award-winning author and Australian literary legend.
More Info here:


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