Ballarat Zombie Day

For those of you with a love for dead things, you’ll probably want to head along to the Ballarat Zombie Day later this month.

When: 23 November at 10:00 until 24 November at 00:00
Where: PO Box 1013, Daylesford, Victoria 3460 is proud to present Ballarat Zombie Day, a day celebrating our favourite genre with their host venues Guf, Heroes HQ and The Tangled Maze.

Here are just some of the attractions:
* Kid’s Zombie Make-up (Cheap zombie scabs, scars, bites and wounds for kids of all ages)
* Zombie Props by Gore FX (Severed heads, lost limbs, bottled babies – can your stomach stand the GoreFX stall?)
* Zombie Steve’s Merch Stall
* Dead Rising 3 Launch Demos
* Left for Dead Gamer’s Comp
* Mister Bones’ Zombie Portraits (Talented zombie cartoon portraiturist Chris Bones will draw YOU AS A ZOMBIE!)
* The Walking Dead Zombie Photo Ops
* Zombie Antiquities by Nightshade FX (Gorgeous gothic hand-crafted artefacts and antiquities from the macabre minds at NightShade FX)
* Labyrinth Outbreak at the Tangled Maze (an unscripted open-air event in which survivors must navigate a hedge maze from start to finish at night, without getting attacked by zombies!)

TICKETS: Adults $20; children under 18 years $10

For more information, visit here. is Australia’s #1 leading supplier of zombies, zombie-themed entertainment packages, film casting, promo stunts and sfx make-up services. has has been invited to appear in campaigns for AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’; IRL Shooter’s ‘Patient Zero’; BMW; Kryolan; Warner Bros; National Geographic; Hopscotch Entertainment; Nike and box office hits ‘Warm Bodies’ and ‘World War Z.’ prides itself on being a leader in the undead entertainment industry with a dedicated team of artists and performers, highly-realistic sfx make-up and costuming, and a masterful knowledge of the zombie genre.