Monster Fest

Melbourne is being treated to more horror fun this month with Cinema Nova’s Monster Fest taking place from November the 21st until December the 1st.

Monster Fest

Now in its second year, and backed by local distribution company Monster Pictures, the film festival contains over 30 horror films, a VHS swapmeet, Trasharama (according to the website: A celebration of the nastiest, crudest, cheapest, filthiest, smelliest, most revolting short films made in Australia, Trasharama is everything a degenerate freak like you could want in a festival program), and oh so much more.

Some particular highlights include:
* a meet and greet with Linda Blair prior to the screening of The Exorcist, followed by a Q&A session with her (Nov 21)
* a live Q&A with Tom Savini via Skype before he introduces From Dusk Till Dawn (Nov 27)
* a Nightmare on Elm Street 1-6 movie marathon (Nov 29)

Full details, including the complete program, can be found here.


Aradale Asylum Haunted Retreat

NOTE: Non-creatives can attend, and can just explore and ghost-hunt the whole time.

The Australian Paranormal Society will be there, running paranormal investigations the entire weekend.
Do you have the courage to walk the haunted halls, at night, by yourself?

Once we are there, the gates are locked each night… there is no escape.

* * *
cropped-aradale_ghost_tour.jpgWriters, editors, publishers, artists, photographers, designers, creative types, and paranormal investigators will spend a weekend in southern Australia, tucked away in a large, historical, abandoned asylum that is very haunted, hosted by Geoff Brown and Cohesion Editing and Proofreading. They’ll be blogging and creating based on inspiration from their experiences.

The weekend will be full of writing, creating, exploring, and paranormal investigations.

Also, there will be writing workshops run by the fabulous Kaaron Warren, multi-award-winning author and Australian literary legend.
More Info here:


Oz Horror Camp

What is Oz Horror Camp?
Have you ever wanted to camp with zombies running around, or the fear that there may be werewolves lurking in the woods?

Ever watch horror movies like Dog Soldiers, Campfire Tales, Evil Dead, Cabin in The Woods, Blair Witch, Friday 13th, Wrong Turn, Camp Sleepaway, Camp Blood, Camp Horror, yadda yadda… knowing all the time you’re safe and sound on your sofa, but somehow wishing it was just a bit more real? Well, you’re not the only one!

What about actually being there?!?! In a cabin in the woods or a tent for a weekend. Knowing that whatever happens, it’s NOT only a movie! It’s real… and you’re the victim… Who will survive? The nerdy kid, the girl with the glasses or the cheerleader? Will you be the crazy slasher’s next victim, fall prey to the cannibals in the woods? Will one of your party members suddenly become a werewolf in the night? Will you be turned into a zombie?? What if you’re kidnapped and thrown in a cell, abandoned in the woods, or buried alive…? Oz Horror Camp is a fully immersive, live action real life role-playing game experience…

Oz Horror Con:
Established in 2012, we organise and promote Horror-themed events and aim to bring disparate members of the horror community together.
We have recently published The Book of The Tribes, a coffee-table book as tribute to Clive Barker and the movie Nightbreed, and will be publishing An Australian Horror Story next year.


Our first event was in October 2012 followed by a larger event in January 2013. In August 2013, Director Russell Cherrington flew in from the UK to screen The Cabal Cut- the only screening in the Southern Hemisphere! Our next planned event is Oz Horror Camp in 2014!


So far we have hosted speakers from the Australian Horror Writers Association, The Australian Paranormal Society, many independent horror writers, artists, SFX gurus, and top guns from the Oz Horror Movie scene- Aaron Sterns, Writer of Wolf Creek 2, actors Leslie Simpson (Dog Soldiers, The Descent), and Shane Briant (Picture of Dorian Gray, Frankenstein & The Monster from Hell) and Mark Hartley, Director of Patrick the Movie remake, who interviewed Scream Queen PJ Soles (Carrie, Halloween)

More info from or or Facebook:


Melbourne Zombie Convention

6th October, 2013


TICKETS NOW ON SALE – LIMITED TO 600 GUESTS is very excited to announce the inception of Melbourne’s long-awaited inaugural zombie genre expo, ‘Melbourne Zombie Convention’ (MelbZomCon) on Sunday 6th October, 2013.

Housed in the decadently gothic heritage-listed Royal Melbourne Hotel on Bourke St, Melbourne’s first exclusive-zombie-content convention will launch the start of Melbourne’s Halloween season to a limited crowd of 600 patrons and showcase a cross-section of the zombie genre’s finest local film-makers, sfx make-up artists, academics, literature, merchandise, social groups, video-games and cos-play characters.
Also incorporates the inaugural AHWA/MZC Short Story Competition

Facebook Page:


Beechworth Asylum Creative Retreat

11-13 October 2013

The Australian Horror Writers Association has arranged a three-day/two-night stay at the Mayday Hills Mental Hospital in Beechworth, Victoria, for writers, editors, artists, photographers, film-makers, and any other creative-type people. A paranormal investigation will be run throughout the entire weekend. Any participants are permitted to take part.

Come along and take part in the writing workshops, OR just explore to your heart’s content. The choice is yours.

Dates: October 11-13, 2013
Cost: $345

Payment instructions:
Balance due before 1 September 2013



Halloween at the Haunted Chalet

For a party that’s out of this world!

Amidst the shadows of Wattle Park, lays a little known haunted Chalet.

Built in the 1920’s the Wattle Park Chalet has had a well-kept secret.
Previous owners of the Chalet have been reluctant to open on Halloween for fear of wakening the previously inhabited, disembodied spirits of the deceased who may have been former residents or were familiar with the property.
Some say that the gardens hold the truth as to whom or what has been buried there.
Enter if you dare, the haunted chalet will greet you with an orgy of feasting zombified and dismembered spirits longing for your BRAINS!


Head into the gardens for even more frights and delights as you navigate your way through the now visible graveyard, you can feast on your own or chose to enjoy the free BBQ.

The BAR will be fully stocked at reasonable prices!
Head back inside for an evening of dead and undead entertainment!

Doors Open – 9pm till 2am

Free BBQ from 10pm in the Graveyard
FREE Haunted House attraction (By Gore FX)
Free SPFX Makeup ( By Ollie Savage Makeup)
Free Body Art
Roaming Zombies by (
Roaming Horror characters (OZ Horror Con)

Guest Host and MC: S K Y E M E D U S A
(Melbourne’s very own Goth Goddess)

Trash doll Dancers
Jesyka Rose & Kc Kynk

Gorelesque – Miss Nic

Master Illusionist all the way from Indonesia!
Never before seen in Australia!


DJ Nathan Op De Coul
DJ Severina
DJ Xerstorkitte
DJ Silhouette D’Amour
G R A V E Y A R D R O C K S T A R S!

Miss and Mr Halloween competition
Loads of giveaways
2 x $500 Prizes for BEST dressed!

Dress to impress!

This is an over 18′s event!
For more details :


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