Performance Artists


The Laudanum Project

The Laudanum Project are a theatrical troupe hailing from Melbourne, Australia. They were founded in 2009 and to date have written and produced three plays:

Ravens‘The Terrible Account of the St Fiacrius Orphans’
Melbourne International Comedy Festival

‘The Penny-Toy Man’
(2010-11) Melbourne Fringe Festival

‘Ballad of The Plague Doctor’
Melbourne Fringe Festival, Sandhurst Gaol as part of the Engine Room Season for The Capital Theatre, Bendigo

In addition to the plays they have recorded their own version of Mary Howitt’s 1829 poem ‘The Spider And The Fly’ which appeared along side artist Chloe Neath’s ‘Spider’ artwork at the 2013 Co.Lab exhibition in Bendigo.

A typical Laudanum Project performance consists of intricate and powerful storytelling that takes it’s cues from the masters such as Poe, Dickens and Bradbury. Underneath the seething monologues and poetry sits a dark and unsettling soundscape that serves as a constantly shifting soundtrack which accompanies the entire story from beginning to end. The overall effect is traditionally theatrical yet intensely cinematic as the audience are coaxed into horrific worlds and scenarios that they very often end up painting themselves.

The Laudanum Project are:_DSC0652 as Smart Object-1
Lady Sophronia Lick-Penny

Alphonse Cheese-Probert
The Speaker

Mr. Farcquar

‘The Terrible Account Of The St Fiacrius Orphans’

“This liquorice black old school horror tale is so impeccably told that it seriously disturbed Cringe and her plus-one” – Rebecca Cook, Cultural Cringe – Inpress.

‘The Penny-Toy Man’

“This new work by The Laudanum Project is in a genre of its own creating replete with fascinating, unforgettable images. Be warned.” – Liza Dezfouli, Inpress.

NF__20120403_0264‘Ballad Of The Plague Doctor’

“… The killings are so graphic they make Dexter look like child’s play.” – Amanda
Sherring, Buzzcuts Reviews.


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